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Hi everyone, I’m still keeping this blog up but most of my updates (on life and food — because really, what else is there to blog about?) have moved here:

Beyond Mommyland: Tales from the Land of Milk and Cheerios.

Thank you and see you there! :)

– Pia –


Okay, before ya’ll judge me, let me ask you these questions:

  • Do you love ampalaya? (by love I mean, love…)
  • Do you like peanut butter?
  • Do you think this is weird?!

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Hi! I know I haven’t posted in such a loooooooong time! And I do apologize, I started a new job since I stopped updating so LIFE happened. :) But I didn’t stop cooking though! So I’m back!!!

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Whenever my friends and I have potluck parties, this dish is one of the most requested ones for me to bring. The other two are Tita Ditas’ baked macaroni and my version of cream cheese baked salmon. I will post recipes next time I make them! :)

Chicken curry is very easy to cook, that’s why I really don’t mind making it. My friend R first taught me how to make this yeeeears ago, but she cooks it with bamboo shoots. I like mine with just potatoes and green peppers, and sometimes mushrooms and carrots.

By the way, if you notice I only cook with skinless and boneless chicken breasts when it comes to chicken dishes. I like my chicken almost bite size with no bones to make it easier to eat. I know, I’m weird. :)

This is only my preference though, but you can use any chicken part you want.

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Last March 28, we celebrated my Aunt’s birthday with a fun, food-filled,  surprise dinner-dance party!

My Tita D is my Mom’s only sister and she just turned 60, so naturally it was a huge extravaganza as 60+ of her close family and friends feasted on lechon, pancit bihon, garlic shrimps, chicken relleno, lumpiang sariwa, homemade desserts and the list goes on and on…

On that special day, she thought we were just going to have a simple celebration at her house. What she didn’t know was we were planning the party for almost a year now and she had no idea! She wanted to make pancit molo, but I also wanted to learn it so under her supervision, I made this delicious soup and served it at the party.

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N told me that back in the day, they cooked sardines with miswa. I thought that was the most unusual thing. In our household, we had miswa with bola-bola (meatballs). I dunno how common that is for other families, but that was a regular staple at our dinner table.

But before I share this super easy recipe, let me tell you first how much I love sardines! I especially love the bottled ones in oil, but I also enjoy the canned sardines in tomato sauce especially the spicy ones! I’d eat sardines for breakfast, lunch or dinner. With rice or bread! I eat it with cheese and crackers or sauteed with mushrooms, garlic and onions! I don’t discriminate when it comes to sardines. LOL!

That’s why I was so excited to try this out! Besides being really cheap to make it’s also perfect for Lent!

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Traditionally, binagoongan has slices of eggplant in it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have it in the fridge the day I decided to make this dish. To cancel out the fat, I made ampalaya salad! LOL! Anyway, I had fun making it because it was too easy! Yes, it’s my first time cooking this and I used my Mom’s recipe.

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